The Best Butane Fuel for your Butane Torch Lighter

  • By Daniel Dunkees

The Best Butane Fuel for your Butane Torch Lighter

Personal Fav Butane Fuels for our Custom Torches

There are so many different possibilities for your butane torch, but as you and I both know we're only using it for one thing - You're probably like me and you want your dabs now!

Don't wait to slowly heat up your banger and waste our prestigious gold as it cooks up that yummy goodness. By going with the best butane alongside your new Custom Torch you'll be ripping your rig in no time.

Here's our favorite Butane Fuels

Want to save money so you can buy more dabs? We totally understand and highly recommend going with the Ronson Large Lighter Butane Refill 3 Pack. On top of saving some dough this triple pack will burn clean!

If you're after longer burns for an amazing sesh with friends, we suggest going with the Zippo Butane 3 Pack. This combo will pack a punch and the butane is extremely efficient.

How to refuel your new Custom Torch

Before we go over the refueling process of your new butane torch here is the number one rule about Custom Torch:

Make sure you're in a well ventilated area and ensure that you are away from any open flames, sparks or other ignition hazards. So do us all a favor and DO NOT smoke that yummy joint, square, stogie, black-N-mild or any other type of flammable product until you're done refilling your torch!

Chad - The One Eyebrow Guy.

Step #1 - Every Custom Torch, regardless if it's a Nano or OG, will be refilled by taking off the bottom stand called the base. Remove the base!

Step #2 - Flip your torch upside down, preferably outside and place the top of the torch on a rag or old an old t-shirt. This will keep the torch stable when you push down on it with the butane. Once the torch is flipped upside down you will see a small hole on the underside of the torch. This is where we will insert the butane.

Step #3 - With your favorite butane, take the cap off of the canister and flip the butane canister over your Custom Torch. The butane canister will have a nozzle that we will insert into the small hole on the bottom of the torch.

Step #4 - IMPORTANT: Be sure to hold the torch up straight while you push the butane canister down onto the torch, which will push into the t-shirt. Do not wiggle, twist or jab the butane canister down as it could break off in the torch.

Step #5 - Wait for about 10 to 15 seconds for your Custom Torch to refill.

Step #6 - When the torch is full you hear a slight sputtering sound, pull the butane canister straight up and move it away from the torch. Do not pull the butane canister out at an angle!

Step #7 - Your torch is now fully refueled and ready to be used. DO NOT be like Chad so... STOP RIGHT HERE... Take your new torch into a different area as there could be butane fumes in the air. Move away from the area and you're good to rip!

Step #8 - Call yo kids, CALL YO WIFE... It's time to SESH!!!

* Sorry... this was a bad joke from Hide yo Kids HIDE YO WIFE.. so don't call ANYONE unless they are over 21ish or whatever the law of your State tobacco laws are. You're smoking tobacco products right? Good because when we say dabs we are referring to tobacco products and that is what your new torch is for so.... Cheers!

We use our butane torches on the reg and we hope you enjoy your new Custom Torch for many sessions to come. If you have any problems with your torch please feel free to reach out to us.


-- Evan & Dunkees